Hard Seltzer

We are . Born from 88Rising, we are an unexpectedly refreshing and vibrant hard seltzer.

Four Bold Flavors

We’re → 120 calories, gluten free, and 5% alc./vol. Oh, and the fruit flavor? It’s real fruit juice. That’s why it tastes like real fruit juice.

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Lime & Mint Can

Lime & Mint

Don’t overlook fresh-squeezed lime and a refreshing sprig of mint. Trust. Inspired by soda chanh and a classic mojito, Lime & Mint brings you the zesty flavors every celebration needs.

Strawberry & Dragonfruit Can

Strawberry & Dragonfruit

Imagine if kiwi and pear had a super-chill kid. May the juicy sweetness of strawberries and subtle tanginess of dragonfruit provide you with the energy and luck of the Dragon.

Mango & Passion Fruit Can

Mango & Passion Fruit

Vacation in a can and summer in a sip. Citrusy, sweet, and a little tart, Mango & Passion Fruit is ideal for those warm nights hanging outside, laughing, and watching the sun come up.

White Peach & Pineapple Can

White Peach & Pineapple

Delicious grilled pineapple and sweet white peaches bring to mind the fresh, vibrant, and feel-good flavors of yakitori and sticky fingers from those annual family barbeques.

We started Year Of
to celebrate what we love.

Friends, family, and good times. Born from 88rising, we are here to celebrate Asian culture and flavors and to create new taste combinations and possibilities.

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